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Automating connectivity and streamlining business procedures can deliver a competitive advantage... removing inefficiencies, lowering overheads and improving reporting.

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In today’s challenging economic environment survival means being the fastest, the fittest and the most customer centric. However even having “best-of-breed” applications, talented employees, and a high quality to price ratio is often not enough; eliminating inefficiencies, reducing overheads and improving reporting are a vital part of business survival.

A core business solution to achieve these ends in business operations is tying together business processes and systems.

Business Systems Automation

In order to eliminate inherent inefficiencies in disparate business application software and business processes, and to deliver a true competitive advantage, data connectivity and automatic information flow between these is needed. This involves removing the barriers to effective communication, streamlining processes, automating procedures, and enabling data connectivity between systems. This process is known as Business Systems Automation and can be completed to a greater or lesser degree depending on the benefits to be had.

Streamlining core business systems and industry specific processes are important business considerations that can determine whether a business thrives or not.

Integrating business systems & processes

At the enterprise level of business there are many systems available to integrate and streamline disparate business operational and management systems. Unfortunately, for all but the largest companies, getting your business systems to automatically "speak" to each other can be a difficult and excessively expensive exercise.

Bringing together core business systems (i.e. sales, supply lines, customer management, websites, loyalty systems, financial systems, etc) and industry specific procedures provides an integrated business solution that enables the removal of the barriers to optimal business systems efficiency.

For example, integrating industry specific procedures means that information is entered in once and can be utilised across the entire system; thus lowering business overheads and maintaining data integrity across the business.

Bespoke database systems & Data Connectivity

This integration can be via the development of a bespoke database system (either online or offline) that contains the applications needed for the business, or look to provide data connectivity between existing and new systems. The choice varies greatly within and between industries and businesses.

Scoping & Functional specification documents

A technical analysis of existing systems is usually performed and from that a high level report is produced that identifies inherent issues and offers various solutions. The report can also contain a project proposal and scoping document that provides costing and components details. After the project proposal is accepted a functional specification document is produced that specifies the detailed functional requirements of the systems and how the business management system data will interact.

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