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Project Methodology
Project methodology

Project life-cycle: procedures, methodologies & schedules... to plan and you plan to fail.

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Best intentions go a long way, but without the careful planning of a projects life cycle, they are rarely realised. Most difficulties in successful execution of projects stems from a lack of clarity, in both what is needed and how it is to be achieved. Proof Creative has developed a successful methodology, over many years in the industry, to provide clarity and direction, ensuring that your project is successful in scope, on time and within budget.

Service & project delivery

Service and project delivery in the offline and online world requires cutting edge solutions to be delivered within challenging time-lines, so Proof Creative’s project management and delivery methodologies have been developed to cater for, and streamline, these situations. Some of the world’s popular practices are utilised to ensure successful delivery of our projects and we are consistently revising and improving our methodologies with a focus on providing our clients with high quality outcomes.

discover, define, steer & control

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we employ a number of different documents that help discover, define, steer, and control the project. This may include the following; discovery and analysis processes (business, project, and design), scoping documents, strategic plans, solutions proposals, functional specifications, site-maps, schedules/time-lines and dependencies, key word/phrase analysis reports, ranking and links reporting, and more.

Project Contacts

As part of our project management methodology we provide your company with three members to be your main points of contact;

  • Your Project Manager - will get to know your business inside-out, look after the details of the project, phase it, plan it and work with you to achieve it.
  • Your Technical Lead will know your systems inside-out, all the nuts and bolts, the functional and technical aspects, and will work with you closely over time to ensure the smooth running of the systems.
  • Your Senior Designer will work closely with you to bring your vision to life visually and design to your core demographics and their experiences.

work flow scheduling

Our project methodology plans forward the project work flow, with all tasks being completed with regards to dependencies and sequencing (although, some branding, website and print tasks can often be done simultaneously). Frequently design and development tasks rely upon core branding items, such as logo, message, theme, etc., and as such, these tasks should be undertaken first, (unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing).

Please feel free to call us (on 08 8239 1300) to discuss your project work-flow if you have any questions or special needs.

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