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  • 1. How do we decide upon a home page theme or style?

First we research your provided information, look at your competitors and schedule a meeting/conference call. In this meeting or over the phone we discuss ideas to promote a graphic theme and a marketing direction. Sometimes ideas are kicked back and forth through e-mail until we all decide on one that really excites us. In our next phase we develop a "comp" of this concept!

  • 2. How do we choose pictures for our project?

You can choose from any numerous online options with members of our staff, schedule a photo shoot or have illustrations drawn based on an agreed upon idea. Your imagery is vitally important! Read more about imagery and photography.

  • 3. How often should my site be updated?

At least once a week, if you have the content. Google loves fresh information and more importantly so do your prospects. A web site is like can go stale after a while. Read about content management systems.

  • 4. How is web content best developed?

By providing us with a technical draft and summary for each appropriate category. We will then reconsider each category for maximum "browsability." Assist with editing each section for marketing appeal, calls to actions, web optimization and sales procurement. Read more about content development.

  • 5. Do you optimize for search engines? Why is this important?

Yes we do! This is probably the most important advertising and marketing mechanism in the world right now. If your company can come up on the first 20 results for keywords that are being typed in daily, it will simply trump traditional advertising methods (And we do all types of advertising here!).

Over 70% of all consumers search the web for products and services. Even TV can't touch this! Read about search engine optimisation.

  • 6. Do you guarantee a top spot?

Yes, under certain circumstances....a top 10 or 20 results with an SEO maintenance package and depending on the market segment.

  • 7. What are web applications?

Here's a link that explains webpage applications .

  • 8. How can you make my new site different from everybody else's?

Because we are better than everyone else! Most sites don't even start on the correct premises, much less a decent concept. Read about webpage design & development .

  • 9. Do you build e-commerce sites?

Yes! We use UNIX and Linux based e-commerce applications which save thousands of dollars in fees and are constantly improved via "open source." These shops and carts can be designed to look and interact in almost any fashion you desire! We also provide secure hosting, freight calculators, integration, payment gateways and more. Click here to read more about e-commerce and online shops .

  • 10. Do you provide website hosting?

Yes. To find more info on our hosting solutions , click here.

  • 11. What is Flash?

Flash is an animation and programming language that has redefined the way web sites are presented. FLASH can't be beat for presentations, and even works well with databases and other web applications. FLASH is extremely fast loading when file sizes are the same...however FLASH development can be expensive...yet rewarding. Read more about flash and interactivity .

  • 12. I saw a custom website design offered for $799 on the Internet!

You should hire them! :D Seriously, nothing worthwhile can be built for that price or even triple that price. But we respect your right to verify this option! You could also buy a car for this amount; ask yourself why you wouldn't. Remember, it takes time to develop a website and there are many components that make up an effective website design , including search engine optimisation . If you are paying too little the chances are someone is cutting corners and you will get a lemon.

  • 13. How much do professionally designed web sites cost?
They normally cost $4,000 to upwards of $15,000 for a well-designed site with good copy, marketing direction, SEO, a CMS and maybe even a fully customised shop.

There are lots of cheaper options for very small businesses; however, these options seldom increase sales or assist in streamlining businesses' processes. Ad agencies often charge 50k or more for rather simple sites, and many medium and large companies spend hundreds of thousands on their web presence each year.

The question you face as a purchaser is; what are you getting for your money? Comparing apples to apples is rarely straight forward. We regularly have clients coming to us who have an  incomplete or ineffective site, or been told that their site has been optimised for the search engines (when clearly it has not; putting in a list of keywords is not optimisation!) Read about professional website design .

  • 14. How much do I pay to get started?

40%, then 30% after you have approved the design and the remaining 30% at fulfillment.

  • 15. Do you offer financing?

As a company we do not. However we can put you onto a company that specialises in software and development finance for businesses. We have found that the structuring and tax advantage offered to our clients by this specialty company is compelling. Please call to discuss this in more detail.

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