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Support & Maintenance
Support & Maintenance

To ensure  your online presence is maintained...

...we can provide you with a range of maintenance programs and technical support.

website support and maintenance - web designer adelaide

We recommend and provide support and maintenance programmes to ensure that  your online presence is kept spic, span and professional.

Proof Creative provides prepaid support and maintenance blocks as well as a number of analysis, performance, and maintenance reports. Whatever the type and level of creative and technical support required, our assistance can be customised to suit your needs and may include some of the following:

Support & Maintenance Programmes

The web service support blocks come in 5, 10, and 20 hour prepaid packages. These provide for extra training, email and phone support, investigative corrections, content updating (for those really busy individuals), small changes, and alterations. Please note that this does not include additional functionality, as this needs to be costed separately.

The web service support programmes provide you with a priority level of service in terms of workflow scheduling and delivery. By purchasing prepaid support block hours, we are agreeing to charge you the lowest production rate (per 15min increments) according to the support block chosen, for the period of time that it takes to completely use the block of hours.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Clients requiring more formal contract arrangements for response times and emergency after hours service may require a Proof Creative SLA. This service is available for approved applications only. Please contact us if you require further information.

performance Reporting

Proof can provide periodical performance reports that detail the health, activity and maintenance over a previous period. You can choose the nature and frequency of the reports. Time to produce these reports varies depending on the information required and can be deducted off the support block.

Health Checks

Whilst we design and develop web systems to enable you to maintain the website yourselve (as much as possible), it is always good to have us undertake a 3, 6, or at the very least, a 12 month check to ensure all the "t's" are crossed, "i's" are dotted, and your ducks are all in a row.

SEO maintenance & Search Engine Reporting

We can monitor and report on many things such as your (and your competitors'!) Search Engine rankings for keywords/phrases, and the number of links coming into sites.  We can provide optimisation reports on individual pages; once again at intervals of your choosing.

Hosting & Domain Name Renewal

And of course we provide website, domain, and email hosting as part of our regular hosting packages. This includes notification of due dates for domain renewals to ensure continuity of ownership and brand protection.


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