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Show you care about your Image and give your prospects a reason to return!

Not to mention...future-PROOFing your site by adding flexibility and scalability!!

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Today's websites are no longer a set and forget; keeping your site updated and fresh is a must. Fresh content is about getting user attention and retention (keeping them coming back). Successful websites and online campaigns require ongoing content updates, support, case studies, product/service launches, events, forums, company news, new looks, RSS Feeds, Blogs, and more.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A website content management system (CMS) enables the creation, management, and publishing of website information. A CMS provides the means to manage the complete life-cycle of the pages on your site; providing tools to create, publish, and archive content.

Content management systems can also provide the ability to manage the navigation and the overall structure of the site. A content management system allows you, and your internal staff, the freedom to manage information, pages, menu items, and images on your website, all from your web browser through an easy to use, password protected administration system. A CMS can "future-PROOF" your website, providing it with flexibility and scalability, and making it a real asset that grows with your business.

The easy updating of content by your internal staff, offers significant costs savings over traditional methods of content management. The initial training on the systems (1-2 hours) will get your staff up and running, and should see them making website changes in no time, whenever you need them, and at no external cost.

The functionality within the Content Management System is tailored to your business requirements and objectives; and as such, the customised functionality is wide and varied. Please call us to arrange a time to discuss the many options.

is a cms expensive?

In general, and out in the marketplace, content management systems can range in cost from a few thousand dollars to over six figures for an enterprise level CMS. Proof Creative, however, uses a CMS containing numerous technologies and years of refinement to provide an inexpensive, powerful and easy-to-use solution for both small and large companies alike. The Proof Creative programmers use only industry standard applications and programming languages to customise the content management system to your particular requirements and objectives.

a customised content management system

Proof Creative's customised content management system has a user friendly interface that makes website maintenance simple, fast and effective. Whether you are updating text, changing images, creating new pages or menus, this intuitive CMS will simplify the process for you, and give you the flexibility to make changes when you want to make them.

Proof Creative customises the content management system to your specific needs and provides full training in the use of the CMS. Our pricing includes the cost for the setup, coding, and implementation of the CMS and 1-2 hours of training. Additional training and support is available as required.

what if i do not have the resources for updating?

As an option, and in conjunction with the content management system, Proof Creative offers various support and maintenance packages, in which we will do the changes for you, should you not have someone allocated to the task. Proof Creative can also assist you with persuasive content writing and content optimisation.

Annual Content Management Programs - These programs offer large savings over hourly programs and allow you to know what your regular expenditure will be! Annual Content Management programs are suitable for companies who have regularly scheduled updates, such as monthly or bi-weekly press releases and updates. Should your updates be less frequent, we also have maintenance support in blocks of 10 hours that can be used as you need them. Please email us with your requirements for a quote or schedule a meeting to discuss your options.


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