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Branding Test

Complete this short branding evaluation
to see how effective your brand is!

Please select a corresponding number that represents your answer. The range is from (1) for being Very Poor, to (5) for being Excellent!

1- Very Poor | 2- Poor | 3- Average | 4- Good | 5- Excellent

What do you and your colleagues think of your existing logo
When was your logo last updated? (1 being pre-historic times and 5 being recently)

How often do you receive compliments on your logo or collateral? (1 being Never and 5 on a daily basis).

Rate your offline media collateral such as sales kits, brochures, stationary, business cards and other handouts.

How effective is your brand compared to your competition within your marketplace?

Does your brand utilize a tag line which further defines your niche?

What is the effectiveness of your tagline? Do people understand what you do when they read it?

Outside of your immediate clients… rate how well known your brand is in your TARGET market

Rate the branding synergy amongst all of your branding materials (Logo, Collateral, website, e-mails, etc.)

How cohesive is your offline and online media? Does your website emulate what your offline collateral looks like or vice versa?

Does your website home page effectively communicate a benefit oriented message while utilizing effective calls to action?

How do customer's perceive your homepage/website?

Does each employee understand your brand?

How visually appealing is your brand?

Is your brand persuasive enough that people want to find out more about your company?

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