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We know that it takes years to build your Real Estate business, your reputation, and your brand...

...don't put that at risk.


Here are four vital pieces of information based on research, that you need to know;

1. Over 90% of customers will visit your website before they decide to do business with your company.
2. The #1 reason people abandon a website is bad design.
3. What separates good sites from poorly performing sites? Over 57% say the design alone.
4. A high-quality website design markedly improves your ability to convert a prospect into a customer.

If your Real Estate website is either not professionally designed, cluttered, badly organized, features content that isn’t compelling, or can’t be found in the search engines, you are likely to be steering potential clients to your competitors, and damaging your hard-won brand.

In this day and age, property listing prospects will make an assessment of your Real Estate business from your marketing material, especially your website. Projecting a clean, organized, and professional image helps impart a feeling of trust and speaks to the interaction the client expects they will receive in their dealing with your business. It is important that you are sending them the right message!

Each and every interaction with your brand adds to a prospect’s, (and client’s) assessment of your business and you can significantly improve your brands’ effectiveness (and lower your overheads), through a professionally presented, streamlined, and automated web system.

A core business solution to eliminate inefficiencies in business operations is the tying together of business processes and systems. This involves removing the barriers to effective communication, automation of procedures, and streamlining of processes (such as feeds to real estate portals).

An effective, successful web presence and online system is about improving business operations, marketing, generating revenue and maximizing brand equity. If your current website does not address these areas or is not significantly increasing your chance of winning new business, then you need to talk to Proof:Creative.

Your Business can benefit

Your business can benefit and gain a competitive advantage from understanding current customer practices. By consolidating your brand image and providing an effective and professional sales website you can help your prospects choose you over your competitors.

Some of the core benefits of an effective and professional Real Estate sales website are as follows:

  • Customer Perception – Seeing the website as professional, easy to use, convenient, and time saving; and forming an associated professional image of the business.
  • Lower Marketing Costs – A website is a one-off-expense with internal management of content and online promotions
  • Value Added – Customer sees value in having their property listed on your site
  • Reduced Overheads – Through automation/streamlining of business and marketing procedures/processes
  • Improve Listings – By removing barriers of negative perception and lifting your brand

The central components needed for your Real Estate website to be an effective tool for your business include the following;

The Proof:Creative “Real Estate Website Design & Development Packages” address these issues and more. Please read on to find out more…


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