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Branding Explained

Put simply, your corporate image, or "brand" is about the impressions that are formed with every interaction with your clients and prospective customers.

...for better or worse!!


A definintion of Branding

The usual definition of "branding" refers to the image and name of a product, or service. In the business world, however it takes on a wider scope and can be defined as:

"the means of distinguishing one business's products, and/or services from another's. This includes the creation and maintenance of, an image that encourages confidence in the quality and performance of that business's products, and/or services."

This definition more accurately describes the goals, purpose and overall effect of branding.

how does branding affect marketing?

At Proof Creative, we believe you need a successful merging of branding and marketing to promote and create value in a company's products and services. Not only have marketing and branding become very similar, they are, in fact, highly dependent on one another, with branding having moved away from just packaging and naming, and merging with the realm of marketing. After all, to successfully make a service, or product synonymous with a corporate image, you have to market it well to turn it into a known brand .

So it is helpful to think of branding and marketing as two sides of the same coin; branding as the creation of tools and media used for marketing purposes and, marketing, as the planned execution of those tools and media.


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Corporate Identity and the Importance of Branding

Customer perception is everything in the business world and it is often referred to as "outside perception" by advertising professionals. In the eyes of the customer, everything that they come in contact with - your logo, website, signs, brochures, direct mail, advertisements, salespeople, presentations, e-mails, etc. - helps form their opinion of your company, for the better or worse.

Your corporate identity or brand begins with your logo and is often where a prospect's first impression of your business starts. It is important that a prospect be positively impacted by your logo and be able to ascertain out what your company does. Your tag line, or catch-phrase should add to this by further defining your market niche and stimulate their curiosity. With all of this interaction and decision making taking place in just a few seconds it is important to start the relationship with your potential client on the right footing.

Customer experience

A successful branding program, whilst being multidimensional, should emphasize the total experience of the customer. It is important not to loose sight of the total package when concentrating of specific marketing projects, as this can erode consumer confidence. Your customers experience of your "total brand" should be such that it convinces them that you are the clear choice to fulfill their expectations. This not only leads to credibility and anticipation, but will give you a huge advantage when it comes to converting sales.

Proof Creative can help you build your brand from the ground up or re-develop your brand, or corporate image if it has become "tired" or outdated. Follow the links below to find out more, or schedule a meeting with us .


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