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Simple, but true. The quickest way to impart a message is through your imagery. The imagery you have on your website, in your advertising, your brochures, sales kits, and other media, tell your customer about your business. What is your imagery telling your prospective customer?

high quality and effective imagery

Your brand's photography and imagery are essential for its activation, as it allows your company to differentiate itself from your competitors, connect with your consumers and build your brand equity. Consistent high quality brand imagery is critical to communicating the right messages to your customers, and your investment in professional photography, or appropriate image sourcing, supports your corporate identity building; providing a united visual front to your sales and marketing tools.

emotional response

Aside from helping consumers identify your brand, images can evoke an emotional response, and whilst this is more difficult to cultivate in the online world, it is no less relevant. It is important to realise that every time a consumer has an experience with your products or services, that there is an opportunity to build an emotional connection. No matter the industry or business, you need to determine how you want people to feel about your brand, and select, or create, images for all your media (including your web site), that drive that emotion.

your audience

Another important factor when deciding on imagery, is understanding your target audience. In general, growing brands should pay special attention to images if they are wanting to attract specific market segments or audiences, and ensure that they connect with them in a relevant manner.

unique imagery

Due to the perceived accessibility of stock photography, many small brands purchase stock imagery for their websites and other media without researching what brands have previously used the same image. The use and re-use of these photos in various campaigns and types of collateral, inhibits differentiation between competitors, and could potentially damage your brand, or at very least, allow your competitors to trade in on your marketing efforts. It is important to ensure your images are unique, via custom production, or very thorough research.

Your ideas

You can choose from any of numerous online options with members of our staff, schedule a photo shoot, or have illustrations drawn based on an agreed upon idea.


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