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...with an attention grabbing sales kit from Proof Creative!

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What exactly is a "Sales Kit" or "Media Kit"?

Sales and Media Kits are professionally designed and well-structured folder brochures that usually feature interactive "inserts" allowing them to be customised and updated with information. The kits are often accompanied by a sales sheet (or "slick" as they used to be called), pamphlet, or even a tri-fold brochure. The overall collaborative nature and design of the total package presents a brand synergy that tells the potential customer that the company cares about how their customers perceive them. Customers know that a company's presentation can be an indication of the level of service or quality of product they will receive from them.

Why Sales & Media Kits work

Simply put, they make an impact upon their target audience and being interactive, Sales Kits emulate the online experience. When sales and media kits are designed properly (a rarity) they introduce the company and it's core offerings in a benefit-oriented way. The core business offerings are "surf-able" via interactive inserts that can be updated, customised for each prospective client, and managed internally. The kits should also invite interested prospects to take a course of action using targeted "calls to action."

an effective marketing tool

A Sales kit is an effective marketing tool as well as one of the most popular methods for achieving a professional image fast. Sales Kits provide the ability to deliver sales sheets, brochures, business cards, corporate literature, and presentation materials; all the while building your corporate image and brand recognition. Remember potential clients make decisions not only on the content of a message, but on how well it's presented.

A well-conceptualized and designed Sales Kit is a marketers' biggest asset. It is necessary to leave your customers with sales materials that they can use to remind them to your services. Our Sales kit design can accommodate all different shapes, size and styles. Along with Sales kit design we also design and print Brochures, newsletters, Flyers, data-sheets, leaflets, media kits and corporate identity packages.

Electronic Versions

Proof Creative highly recommends that an electronic version of your sales / media kit should also be developed. This can be done at a greatly reduced additional cost and will allow you to email out the sales kit, as well as allow prospective customers to download it from your website. It also gives you the opportunity to capture a lead for your database In the process. Ask us how!


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