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A prospective client’s first impression of your business is usually visual...

...make sure it's the right impression!

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Logo Design Adelaide. First impressions do count. The impact of your visual media will tell a customer about your business and will also play a part in their initial assessment of whether your company possesses the attributes they desire. It may be whether the business looks reliable and professional, pays attention to detail, cares about its' image, or any number of additional reasons. Ultimately this assessment will result in a decision as to whether they want to be associated with your company and do business with you.

These visual impressions expand right across every interaction with potential and existing customers including business cards, letterheads, invoices, websites, advertising, brochures, sales kits and more. Taking short-cuts on any of these can undermine and erode confidence in you brand and your business. You don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive stationary (depending on your customer demographics of course), but you do need to present a professional image that not only reduces the likelihood of negative assessment, but boosts the confidence of your demographic markets.

Starting with your logo design & tag-line

Your logo design and tag-line are likely to appear on everything you do and therefore form the nexus of your brand. As such, it is vital that you get it right. Your logo should create a good impression, let potential customers know what you do, and captivate their interest. Your tag-line should further distinguish your company, define your market approach and communicate your company’s message or core benefit(s) to your market.

It is important to note that a logo design should not be static and that it must change as your market and business changes. Most progressive companies with some longevity have updated or tweaked their logo design numerous times. The result being that these companies consistently project a current look and feel.

Illustrated or Text-Only Logo designs

An illustrated, or image based logo design usually incorporates a graphic symbol or icon that is specifically designed to work with your corporate name and create a compelling visual image. This style of logo design is usually the most effective, although a text-based logo can be an alternative to an illustrated logo. And with some of the world’s high-profile brands having been created with text-only logos (i.e. FedEx, GTE), they are nothing to "sneeze at". However they usually require some lateral thinking and designing to achieve the right combination of unique fonts, sizing and special effects in order to create a logo design that is crisp, clean, stunning and most of all memorable.

A Uniquely Effective Process

We have the philosophy that a good logo design has a requirement to be more than just look pretty; it has a more functional purpose. Quality logo design is also about the specific functionality of your corporate identity and our designers understand how important it is to ensure that it is polished, distinctive, and memorable.

When creating an effective logo design for your company, Proof Creative begins with learning about your business through a process of discovery, research and discussion, before moving onto discussing ideas for your identity. In close collaboration with you, we reach an agreed-upon “visual direction.” We will then help you identify a number of existing logos and select the aspects that most appeal to you. With this foundation we have a basis upon which to create the logo concept that best represents your business. We will design from three to four logo styles, one of which will be developed until the perfect logo design for your business emerges.

Our design process, ensures your logo design will evoke the emotional response you desire to attract the right customers for your business. Your company's logo design is arguably the single most important element when it comes to building a recognisable brand and increasing customer awareness.


Proof Creative can assist you in building your brand from the ground up or re-brand an outdated, “tired” corporate or product image. Understanding your business is a key part of our process; it lets us tailor our logo designs to meet your business.Contact us today - Logo Design Adelaide.


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