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How can you get your Brand to generate
more Revenue? creating persuasive and compelling content that puts your sales cycle in step with the buying behaviour of your customers.

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With today's consumers being a lot more sophisticated in their decision making and buying behaviours than they were ten years ago, businesses and brands must tailor their consumer pitch accordingly. With the wide spread use of the Internet, consumers now have access to extensive quantities of information for their purchasing research, and many more buying options to choose from. Creating a positive impression with your brand online has never been more important and critical to sale processes, as research has shown that over 80% of consumers will visit a company website BEFORE making a decision to purchase from that business.

A paradigm shift in consumer purchasing behaviour

This is a major shift in the way customers access information and has lead to a radical change in how consumers purchase and shop. As a result, traditional advertising mediums such as print media, radio, and  TV are now starting to be utilised differently, with most forms of marketing and advertising now leading customers to websites rather than asking them to call or to place orders. Now, gaining consumer traffic to your website is an almost mandatory early step in the sales cycle of a successful sale.

Having said that, print media still performs a vital role in the overall sales cycle and brand perception and should not be ignored. Items such as direct mail, brochures, sales kits and other print advertising are still very much needed, but now a major objective is to trigger a visit to the website where a customer is exposed to a larger body of information (for their assessment/education) and hopefully entrance into a new sales cycle. Unless these shifts in consumer buying behaviours and website purpose are taken into account, by successfully implementing suitable marketing strategies, user experiences, and conversion techniques, your marketing and brand image is at risk of under performing.

Give your prospects what they want; not what you want

In general, consumers simply want immediate access to information vital to their decision making, and a meaningful explanation of the benefits of your company's products or services for them. They are asking, "What can your company do for me?" By presenting them with the ability to quickly browse through options and benefits that are appealing to them (rather than to your business), and intriguing them enough to take the next step in the conversion cycle, you can greatly increase conversion rates.

In a lot of cases, successfully marketing products or services involves making sure your selling process matches the buying processes of the consumers you're trying to attract. This means that you need to create quite substantial interest in your services, or products - (build up a pretty good case!) - BEFORE you even try to get potential customers to make a purchase.


Stale brands can equal stale sales

All companies (both new and established) need to keep their brands vibrant by continually refreshing and revising them. A powerful brand can put at risk, or become "abandoned", or "stale" through a lack of updating and enhancements. Most successful brands are altered regularly to keep current with, and arouse, consumer interest and to get ahead of the competition.

Each year, through innovative marketing, the majority of successful businesses update and refresh their brands, enhance their services and products, and create new desires and perceptions. They realize that branding is about the total customer experience and that people are experience hungry (whether that is for more of what they like or a new experience from a brand they trust). Actively keeping brands in step and in pace with consumer markets is a recipe for success.

Let Proof Creative jump-start your brand!

Proof Creative has developed a unique, results-oriented, branding methodology and has hands-on experience providing services for small, and medium-sized enterprises. We can help you plan your strategies, define your goals and build each of the required tools/media to meet your objectives.

Our branding solutions include:

  • Visual Direction and Marketing
  • Goal Setting and Objectives
  • Sales and Conversion Strategies
  • Logo and Corporate Identity
  • Website and Online Media Design/Development
  • Online and E-mail Marketing (including SEO)
  • Print Media Design
  • Persuasive Content Writing


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