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Branding in 2012!

How Branding, Corporate Identity, Design, Marketing and Advertising have evolved in the
21st Century:

...and what this means to your business.

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There has been a shift in the roles of traditional design, branding, public relations (PR), advertising and marketing firms, since the mid 1990's technology boom. Large firms and agencies have either downsized, or closed their doors due to the proliferation of smaller specialty design firms, ad agencies, consultants, marketing firms and website design and online development companies.

With these "new age" marketing and design companies came new ways of thinking, new creative services, cutting-edge design (website design and graphic design), new online strategies, and persuasive and creative copy-writing. A lot of these agencies and firms however, now lack the marketing expertise that is required to design, create and develop a brand, or campaign that truly has an impact and successfully initiates a sales process.

..What does this mean?

It means that not enough new "design" companies are starting with the development of a compelling and consistent marketing message. Nor are they analyzing, creating and implementing consistent strategies across a client's branding, advertising, and marketing. In not doing so, they run the risk of not generating the maximum possible sales leads, decreasing the closing ratio, increasing the time spent on the projects and reducing the return on investment.

Proof Creative has embraced the niche between these smaller "new age" graphic design studios and web design firms (who often lack expertise and a marketing focus), and the big advertising, marketing, and PR agencies (who often demand massive fees, do not always achieve brilliant results, and frequently subcontract the work out to graphic design studios and web design companies anyway).

In today's highly-competitive and fast-paced business environment, it is important now (more than ever), to ensure your brand is optimally positioned with a "high-impact" message that is carried across all your marketing and brand assets... with the aim of converting your prospects into purchasing customers.

It's 2011, What Works?

What has also changed is the way consumers now find information for their decision making on products and services. Traditional advertising and marketing methods such as; print advertising, direct mail and marketing, trade shows and salespeople, are still effective, although alone, they are just not as effective as they used to be. They now need to be utilised with and reinforced by a professional and powerful web presence. Even if a product or business is promoted via traditional means, the next "investigative" step for a very large number of consumers and businesses, is conducted on your website. Add to this the statistics that show most consumers are searching for products and services on-line via search engines, and you have a dramatic shift in the consumers' decision making process that needs to be reflected in the way you do business.

We have found that (after analysing 100's of businesses) very few have successfully achieved a blend of their traditional marketing methods with a website that; provides a professional look and feel, has intuitive navigation, is customer centric, works optimally for them as a marketing and lead generation tool.

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