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Brand Audits

To ensure continued results, all ideas, brands,  websites and media need to be regularly measured, analysed and optimised.

How will yours measure up?

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It is important that all marketing and branding projects undergo a regular review in order to maximise the potential of your brand. Whilst it would be nice to think that once a brand is created that it never needs work, that isn't the experience of successful brands. All brands, including top level brands (such as Microsoft, Nike, Coke and Target) regularly revise their marketing and brand image. This is not only to maintain their brand position, but to find an edge that will net them greater market share over the efforts of their competitors.

All brands and branding of products can be improved. It's no different for small and medium sized businesses. Marketing and your brand image should always be a major  focus for your business, because the introduction of fresh ideas, strategies, and innovative campaigns can produce substantial results.

Marketing Audits and brand Optimisation

Our brand and marketing audits usually begin with a brainstorming session with our branding and marketing experts, who will discuss such issues as:

  • Review and discuss brand image and positioning
  • Review and discuss all print marketing and advertising material
  • Review and discuss all sales and presentation material
  • Review and discuss your website message and how it's been working for you
  • Analyse and discuss site navigation and usability
  • Review and discuss the site content and functionality
  • Review and discuss methods for capturing leads
  • Analyse your "sales path" and look for ways of improving it
  • Review and discuss new areas to capture a customer's interests
  • Contact a number of your customers to gain an outside perspective of your brand.

 Analysis and results

The process then involves analysis of the findings and upon completion, a detailed report including suggestions. We will then provide you with a proposal and costing document based on the agreed objectives and goals to be accomplished.

 customer-oriented marketing audits

Because all brands can be enhanced (and should be as they move and adjust to dynamic markets), it is important to conduct pro-active customer-orientated brand audits on a regular basis.

Call us today to define a marketing and branding package to maximise your brand potential and increase your revenue.


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